This is the official website of the Estate of Gustav Elijah Ahr, who came to be known by his fans as “Lil Peep.”

This website is run by Gus’s mom and brother.

I have learned from Peep fans that Gus was a powerful and influential lyricist and music artist. It was Gus’s honesty that compelled so many people, worldwide, to connect with him. Gus was particularly observant, and able to express his observations clearly and poetically.

So, to honor him, we created this website. We felt that Gus’s fans—both current and future, would welcome the chance to get to know him a little better. We believe that you are right about Gus. You connected with him because he told you that he was like you, and he expressed feelings like the ones you have.

Yes. We wanted to make beautiful designs and things for people wear, skate on, and generally “flex” to show their support for Gus. But we also added an archive that we will add to regularly so visitors to our site can see some of Gus’s artifacts to get to know him better, as a person.

Thank you for visiting.

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